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Participants' Perspectives


Dear All,

I am G Muralidhar, Proprietor “KSHEERAJA EXIM SERVICES”, engaged in providing Management Consultancy in the field of Export & Import activities. Started career as “Trainee Medical Service Representative” with Kolkata based Pharmaceutical Company and later changed field by joining a battery manufacturing company as Junior Executive (Exports & Imports). During my working years, I was lucky to be associated with different organizations & fields Viz., Engineering Industry, Bulk Drug Industry, Tire Industry & Service Sector (Tourism).

1. This initiative of IIFT & DGFT jointly, is a brilliant idea that is, well-conceived thought out program and a step in the right direction which aliens with the GOI vision to make India a “Manufacturing Hub”. We are confident that with GOI announcements bringing in various changes for ease of doing business in India will help in installing confidence among new entrepreneurs in implanting their ideas/projects and paves way for success.

2. The use of Audio & Video methods in delivering the online interactive course has been of a Good Quality Standard and improvements are suggested to bringing in the full interactive video facility for future batches.

3. Understanding the importance of time & constraints of each individual participant, the role of Campus360 is of great value and of tremendous importance in today’s scenario. Campus360 is a platform for anywhere and anytime learning at the convenience of the participant, with both access to theoretical as well as recorded versions of the online class available at a later time. This learning tool sumps up the tagline “Once a Friend Always a Friend”. We request that the contents of the course viz., course material and videos be made available to the participants in future too for online viewing.

4. The knowledge forum @Campus360, plays a vital role and has been of good help for participants. This paved way for participants to interact with experts in seeking clarifications, guidance and advice on various issues of importance. Further, the quality of teaching staff has been of high quality standards. The participants have been blessed to have eminent teaching staff so cooperative and always helpful in clarifying our doubts. They have kept the method so simple and easy to understand.

5. This program has been of great value to us, as it made us think differently various aspects of business development.


    G Muralidhar
Batch 01


Dear All,

I'm Niranjan, a budding Entrepreneur with more than 16yrs of 'work' experience (worked at various levels in various companies including RIL, before I started my own venture, Triace Solutions almost an year back) and a burning desire to make it big in International Business.

While I did do a handful of Import-Export transactions in my career, most of them were limited to specific tasks out of the whole process, which never allowed me to go into intricacies or the overall big picture. I just began a few Import transactions and was seriously looking for an opportunity where I can learn more, but without having to hold/stop my ongoing business.

'Niryat Bandhu @ Your Desktop' program so brilliantly conceived and executed jointly by DGFT and IIFT came across as a boon at the right time and I grabbed it with both hands. I'm extremely glad to be one of the fortunate 60 who made it to the first ever batch of this program and I must agree that within the first few classes itself I've realised the tremendous impact this program can go on to make in our lives.

Thanks to the digital delivery mode of this program, we are getting to learn minutest and highly beneficial details of Import-Export business from the best Professors in the country without even having to step out of our Home/Offices. This method is so flexible that I could participate in a couple of classes while travelling too (using my Laptop and Internet dongle). Thoughtful use of appropriate technology by the Technical team is giving way to smoother sessions day in day out, even while using Internet with lower bandwidth.

Also, true to it's name...Campus 360 site is keeping us connected to all aspects of the program including discussion forum, quizzes and their results, and even storing all the sessions in archives which can be made use by us for either viewing missed classes if any or repeated learning of important topics. Apart from the Professors, we are able to connect with our classmates too on fora of the site and share our knowledge. What more can we ask, when such 360 degree connectivity is allowed to us not only for the program period, but for the rest of our life, like a true 'Bandhu'/Friend indeed.

I'm sure my business and life would now change for good and forever. With another one week to go for completion of this program, I'm already confident of taking on the otherwise highly risky International Business with ease and create win-win situation for each of my Suppliers, Buyers, Bankers, Employees and End users etc almost everyone who is connected and not the least our beloved country, India.

My heartfelt thanks to the entire Team @ IIFT and also each and every person behind this outstanding program. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to every Entrepreneur and Employee from our country who would like to take their businesses all across the globe. Wishing everyone THE BEST....


Budding Entrepreneur
Batch 01


Dear All,

Being candidate of the first Batch of certificate program initiated by IIFT & DGFT feels much proud.

This is new modern way of leaning is it self a great learning, many many special thank to you help for connecting system and provided us complete information.

please find below my feed back for following points

1. About this initiative jointly by IIFT & DGFT:

This is the great initiative taking by jointly IIFT & DGFT is wonderful learning experience. I have 15 years of experience but have still learned a lot.

2. Digital Delivery of course :
on Real time with proper information and in complete manner.

3. Role of Campus360, life-time learning management system that ensures the tagline “One a friend always a friend” of this program “Niryat Bandhu@Your Desktop”

it is really a great help for us by sharing information's.

4. Knowledge Forum of Campus360 and its role

it plays an vital roll by sharing knowledge with the discussion forum.

5. How this program is adding values to your career endeavors.

various new thing have learned, e.g. sources of market & Data, analysis tools et.

    Kamlesh Bhagchandani
Batch 01


Dear All,

I am Anjali, having Bachelor and Master Degree in Computer Application and worked for some multinational companies in the domain of information technology for more than eight years prior to switching over to international trade. In January 2011 while staying abroad, I started my first assignment for international trade and bulk shipping of mineral resources from South-East Asian countries to India for Steel industry, but strongly felt to learn fundamentals of Export-Import business in systematic manner. Finally, it’s DGFT and IIFT, which have given me this big opportunity to develop my skills without sacrificing my full time job and other family occupation and assignments.

I wholeheartedly thank DGFT and IIFT for giving me this opportunity.

About Niryat Bandhu @ Your Desktop

1. About this initiative jointly by IIFT & DGFT

It’s wonderful initiative jointly taken by DGFT and IIFT to create more and more skillful exporter-importer adding value to Indian economy.

2. Digital Delivery of course

It’s an innovative method developed by IIFT to take its classroom from metro cities to entire India. In fact, I feel to have same real time classroom experience as a regular student of IIFT, with participants from all over India.

3. Role of Campus360, life-time learning management system that ensures the tagline “One a friend always a friend” of this program “Niryat Bandhu@Your Desktop”

Campus 360 has played a greater role by integrating class schedule, course material, classroom lectures, quizzes, discussion forum etc and making these facilities available for entire life to a Niryat Bandhu. It’s well said for Campus 360 to be “Once a friend always a friend”.

4. Knowledge Forum of Campus360 and its role

Knowledge Forum of Campus 360 has played major role to get expert advice on all of our queries. It’s a platform where I feel to have solution to all our export import related questions as well as to share knowledge among all other participants.

5. How this program is adding values to your career endeavours.

First and foremost, IIFT itself is a big brand value, which takes our profile to next stage. Beside brand value of IIFT, this program has covered almost all topics related to export-import business and trained us in such a manner that we feel more confident to do export business. This program has empowered me by sharing more knowledge, building more confidence and above all handholding given by all faculties and experts of IIFT. Today I feel to have group of experts from IIFT supporting me directly to excel in the field of export-import with greater confidence.

Once again thanks to IIFT for giving me an opportunity to learn export-import business in interactive manner.

Batch 01


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